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iPhone contact woes aided by Humin app

Humin - an app that restructures your iPhone contacts based on "human" factors such as time, location and relationships - is hoping to replace the phone's standard app.

By linking up information from different apps on your phone, Humin brings context to your contacts, creating a picture from email, calendar, Facebook apps and more.

Users can retrieve contact names with terms like "met yesterday" and "friends with Joe", or the app can determine the relevant contact according to context – the friend that's visiting town next week for example – and display them at the top of the list.

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"The goal is to remember someone the way you do," said Ankur Jain, the company's chief executive, to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Still in the test phase, there are 20,000 users on board so far, including Richard Branson, Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Shakil Khan, head of special projects at Spotify, has been impressed by the app. "I don't have some Adam or Aaron at the top of the list who I haven't seen for years," he said, admitting that Humin had changed how he makes calls.

Jain, who was once called the "best-connected 21-year-old in the world" by Fast Company, is a prodigious young entrepreneur, having grown the startup's staff to 30 since 2012.

Humin is currently only available in the US, but has plans for a UK launch and an expansion into Android territory in the not-too-distant future.