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Microsoft launches WindUp, its own Snapchat rival

Microsoft has launched its own Snapchat rival called WindUp.

According to the Windows Phone Store, the app lets users "wind up" their friends as "they race to see what you've posted." The firm also announced that WindUp lets users share "pictures, videos and audio snippets, as well as text."

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The software giant will be hoping to capitalise on the recent criticism levelled at Snapchat, particularly with regard to user privacy.

Earlier this year, a security vulnerability led to the account information of nearly five million users being leaked online, while back in May, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that the company had been deceiving users.

While Snapchat remains popular (it is estimated to have 30 million active users), Microsoft will be hoping that this break down of trust will move some of these users over to its offering.

While WindUp does use a number of permissions, anyone concerned about Snapchat monitoring your location will be pleased to see that Location Services is not one of them.

The app has been developed by the Microsoft Research team and is not the only Snapchat clone to hit the market in recent times. Facebook released its own time-limited messaging service called Slingshot back in June, while Instagram launched Bolt.

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WindUp is available to download for free now on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1.