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Rackspace debuts ObjectRocket lightning-quick DBaaS for Redis

Rackspace is teaming up with Redis to enhance its ObjectRocket database-as-a-service [DBaaS] offering to support, monitor and manage developers that use Redis’ to build apps

ObjectRocket for Redis simplifies the application development process by laying on instant-on, high performance and highly available Redis instances in order to allow developers to worry about one less thing.

“Redis in production shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself proposition,” said Chris Lalonde, senior director of product at ObjectRocket by Rackspace. “With ObjectRocket for Redis, we are giving developers the same pain relief we’ve provided with ObjectRocket for MongoDB. We monitor, manage and support the database so developers can focus on building their applications.”

Availability issues will never be a problem thanks to the fact that each instance comes automatically set up with a secondary node and free backups. It means should a primary node fail, the system will move to a secondary node with no intervention needed and no interruption to the service.

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ObjectRocket and Redis have made sure that a high level of performance will be maintained by building the Redis-specialised solution from the ground up with a containerised approach that looks to banish noisy neighbour issues often associated with database virtualisation.

Low bandwidth will not be a problem thanks to direct peering with multiple networks and it allows customers to host applications anywhere whilst being safe in the knowledge that the database will continue to function correctly.

Any problems that come about can be solved by Redis specialists that are on hand 24-hours-a-day all year round and under their remit they can monitor and fix infrastructure issues, help with data migrations, and fine tune Redis set-ups.

ObjectRocket, which was acquired by Rackspace in February 2013, was first used by the company to develop a MongoDB DBaaS and the key for Rackspace has always been to reduce the workload developers have to cope with.

ObjectRocket for Redis is already available at Rackspace's US-East data centre with all US data centres, plus the one in London, on track to offer the service from September 2014.