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3D Blu-ray support and remote downloading arrive on Xbox One with August update

Microsoft has begun the roll out of its August Xbox One system update,which includes support for 3D Blu-ray content alongside a host of other features.

The update will also add social features, including an enhanced activity feed, with the ability to post text and to "like" and comment on feed items. Users can also share content such as game clips, either publicly or privately as an attachment to a message.

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Gamers will also receive a notification when anyone likes or shares any of their content via their personal profile feed.

There will also be an expanded Friends area on the home screen to help stay up-to-date with your friends' current activity and what games they've been playing.

The update will allow users to download games and other content remotely via Xbox Smartglass or, so users can have their newly purchased games ready to play as soon as they get home.

A number of smaller enhancements have also been made as a result of customer feedback. Users will now receive a notification when their controller battery is getting low and the option to disable notifications while watching videos.

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The update highlights how the latest generation of consoles focuses on more than just video games. The Xbox One and its competitors also offer a range of other entertainment and social features as a way of increasing their market share.