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Apple may introduce reversible USB-to-Lightning cable with iPhone 6

We've been hearing a lot about what will or won't be in the iPhone 6 when it finally emerges next month, and most of that speculation has been about the bigger stuff, such as whether the screen will be a sapphire display or not.

However, there are also minor points to consider about the handset, too, and one of those is the presence of a reversible USB-to-Lightning cable which is supposedly set to debut with the next-gen iPhones (according to TechCrunch).

A reversible cable means, obviously enough, what it says – no matter what way around you plug it in, it'll work, thus eliminating the usual sod's law state of affairs when it comes to USB (you go to plug the cable in, and you're bound to be holding it in the wrong orientation – as it only fits one way).

While it's a minor detail, it will certainly be a welcome change in terms of convenience – if the rumour is true, of course (this is one that certainly comes with the requisite pinch of salt).

In theory, we only have three weeks left to find out what Apple will include with its iPhone 6 models (the launch date is set for 9 September). We've seen plenty of leaked images of the handset of late, and also speculation that the phablet (5.5in) version will cost perhaps closing on £700 (for the base model).

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Apple is certainly confident it will make a big impact with these new larger-screened models, as it's cranking production up to unprecedented levels (70 to 80 million units before the year is out, by all accounts).

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