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Apple’s iPhone 6 will have 1GB of RAM on board?

The iPhone 6 will have just 1GB of RAM, at least according to the latest speculation, which may seem rather a thin allowance in a world where Android phones have 2GB or 3GB on tap.

That said, Apple has full control over both its software and hardware, with tight optimisation between the two, so it's generally the case that the iPhone has somewhat lesser specs on paper than rival flagships.

The iPhone 5S only had 1GB of RAM, and for that matter just a 1.3GHz dual-core CPU (when even last autumn, stonking quad-core clock speeds were the order of the day in the world of Android).

The current speculation on the CPU front is that the iPhone 6 will run an A8 chip at 2GHz, so perhaps this provides plenty enough of a boost on the performance front, with the memory allocation able to stay the same.

Of course, lest we get too carried away, this is just a rumour that comes from GeekBar (via G 4 Games), so it may just be noise. Another possibility is that the 4.7in iPhone will have less memory, and perhaps the phablet will go for a bigger allocation (at one stage, there was a rumour that these two handsets would have different processors – but that one was likely errant, as we haven't heard anything along those lines since).

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As per usual, you can take these rumours or leave them, but it's always interesting to see what might be in the pipeline. Whatever the final spec is, you can pretty much guarantee Apple won't get things wrong enough to make its new creation(s) even the slightest bit sluggish – plenty of hopes are pinned on these devices selling very well.

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