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Deal: LG G2 16GB for £160

The LG G2 mini is a welcome addition to LG's range of smartphones, boasting the good looks of the award winning G2, with near zero bezel and the innovative Rear Key. Despite being compact, the G2 mini has a 4.7in qHD IPS display and features such as Knock Code, Guest Mode and Quick Memo.

In addition there's a microSD slot (for cards upto 32Gb) and a powerful removable battery.Whenever you get a phone call, take a 'selfie', or want to adjust the volume on your music, the Rear-Key is in a comfortable and intuitive position to control these features. There's no need to switch hands when everything is available at a press of your index finger.

The back design of the G2 mini, the Mesh Pattern, is not only a sleek addition to the design, but also provides a secure grip when using the features with only one hand.The G2 mini's 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor will make your multitasking quick and easy and, together with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS, the G2 mini gives you seamless connectivity.

Playing games, switching through multiple apps, or watching videos will always be fluid and efficient. The G2 mini also has outstanding battery (2440 mAh) that will keep you connected throughout the day.

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