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Huawei intends to adopt sapphire display for Ascend P7 follow-up

Apple isn't the only company looking to sapphire (or possibly not, depending on which rumour mongers you believe – the iPhone 6 may use a blend of sapphire and traditional glass, or only certain models may adopt it), as Huawei is getting on the hard-as-nails display bandwagon.

Specifically, the company is going to give the successor to its Ascend P7 (flagship smartphone) a sapphire display, or at least, that's the word reported by Techie News.

Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei's Device Group, told the Chinese 21st Century Business Herald that the sapphire display would be present on the next flagship, and to expect "shocking products" from the company down the line.

Apparently the Huawei man showed off an Ascend P7 with sapphire glass, presumably some kind of prototype as it seems unlikely the company would re-release the P7 upgraded with sapphire (though you never know, we guess).

The Ascend P7 is already an excellent and rather overlooked handset – we loved it in our review, and particularly the build quality, which is evidently an area Huawei is looking at pushing further. That has to be good news. If they can work on the battery life too – that was one of the main weaknesses of the P7 – then its successor could be drool-worthy indeed.