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Hurry! Amazon App Store holds a Coin sale

Amazon's app store utilises its own current system, in the form of Coins. These can be used by customers to purchase apps, but like other monetary inventions, it does cost real money. However, Amazon is currently holding a sale

The company is currently offering its Coins at a discount, saving customers 20 per cent over the regular price. That's a nice savings for the apps you want to grab.

"Available on both Android and Kindle Fire devices, users can purchase discounted Amazon Coins in the Appstore or on to begin saving on their favourite apps and games (and even on in-app purchases)" the company announces.

A coin is only worth one cent, so buying 500 of them will net you $5.00 (about £3.00), though it will currently only cost you $4.60. Customers can purchase in quantities up to to 10,000 of them.

The deal isn't available for long, so customers who wish to take advantage should consider doing so soon. The offer will expire on August 23rd. You can use the coins to grab both apps and games, and you get it following the link included above.