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LG G Watch 2 set to debut at IFA next month?

It only seems like yesterday that the LG G Watch (pictured) went on sale – well, actually it was last month – but LG is about to unveil a sequel to the device, at least if this latest smartwatch rumour is on the money.

This one comes from the Korea Times (via G for Games), and apparently LG will be showing off the LG G Watch 2 at next month's IFA. According to an unnamed LG official, the device is going to be a real "game changer" (yes, that old chestnut) and capable of holding its head up (or perhaps face up) high against the likes of Apple's iWatch.

In other words, we presume this means it'll have a far more premium build quality, as according to the rumour mill (and common sense), that's definitely what Apple is shooting for with its alleged smartwatch (it'll supposedly use sapphire glass, for one thing).

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Whether LG will be unveiling the smartwatch sequel as part of an official event, or just showing an early version off to the media behind closed doors isn't clear. The LG exec didn't say anything about the potential spec, either, save for the fact that it will use a Qualcomm SoC (the same as the first G Watch).

Last month, we took the original G Watch for a four day test drive, the results of which were... well, you can read our findings here.