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Social media hungry UK holidaymakers upload 58,000 pictures every day

UK holidaymakers have made over 20 million photo and status updates this summer as social media challenges book reading as the activity of choice on sun loungers across Europe.

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Research published by O2 Travel showed that British holidaymakers post 21.1 million pictures on social media per year and it works out at 58,000 pictures posted by customers every day.

The study, which looked at 2,000 adults, also found that 20 million statuses are posted to Facebook and Twitter when holidays are taken in Europe, and Brits holidaying abroad each year send 44 million text messages in total.

Men are more active with 43 per cent browsing the web compared to 31 per cent of women, however, 53 per cent of women post pictures to Facebook or Instagram whereas just 40 per cent of men do so.

Every holidaymaker checks emails twice-a-day and British visitors to other European countries show an insatiable appetite to keep on top of everything back home with 21 million visits to news sites.

Even with operator tariffs that allow customers to use their allowance overseas, holiday makers are still worried about being charged with eight in 10 admitting to being “scared” to use a phone abroad and instead restricting use to Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels.

2014 has been a big year for European roaming charges with the European Union bringing in new rules in June that stipulates a maximum charge of 12p per MB of data, 11p per minute for calls, and 4p for text messages.

Three has gone a step further by abolishing roaming charges in 16 countries and the Feel At Home service lets customers use minutes, texts and data as if they are still in the UK.

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O2, meanwhile, charges customers £1.99 per day for all you can eat data in Europe with EE offering similarly priced bundles for customers wanting to use data when in a number of countries.

Image Credit: Flickr (David Precious)