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Today’s Tech: Assange hints he may leave embassy, EU authors join battle against Amazon and self-driving lorries hit UK roads

One of Interpol's "most wanted" set to leave embassy 

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hints that he's set to leave Ecuador Embassy: Denies rumours of heart and lung problems

Julian Assange held a press conference this morning in which he said that he'd leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London "soon."

Assange did not explain his reasons for leaving only that it was "probably not" for the reasons reported, referring to the rumours of heart and lung trouble. However describing his two years confined in the embassy with "no sunlight" Assange did say that "it's an environment in which any healthy person would find themselves soon enough with certain difficulties they would have to manage."

EU authors kindle Amazon fire 

European authors criticise Amazon over yet another eBook publisher dispute

Over 1,000 German-language authors have signed a petition against Amazon's treatment of Scandinavian publishing house Bonnier. Similar to Amazon's tactics against British publishing house Hachette, the online store has boycotted authors and withdrawn books from sale.

The letter reads "Amazon has no right to take hostage authors who are not directly involved in the conflict." This mirrors the open letter from Authors United, a group set up by English-language authors to protest Amazon's treatment of the publishing house Hachette.

Red lorry, self driving yellow lorry, red lorry, self driving yellow lorry...

Self-driving lorries will roll out on UK roads by 2015

A proposal has been drafted that could see self-driving lorries on our roads as early as next year. Each "road train" would still have a driver inside but the convey of lorries would be controlled by a single person at the front controlling braking, acceleration and steering.

The driver will need to take control to change lanes, overtake or navigate complex routes, such as a roundabout. If the proposal is successful tests will be carried out on special tracks across the UK and then tested on quieter motorways at night time.