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Volta Data Centres implements specialist cooling system at Central London location

Piping hot temperatures putting a strain on UK data centres could be a thing of the past after Volta Data Centres announced a new cooling system that gives its customers an “unfair advantage” over competitors.

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The Great Sutton Street [GSS] data centre is set to be the first to get a specialist row-based cooling system that offers unsurpassed levels of flexibility and scalability that mean high density racks and traditional racks can be cooled to the same high level.

Volta’s new cooling system manages heat at the source and uses an air corridor to capture rejected heat that in the process isolates hot air from the cold supply and then injects it into the cold aisles.

The system also has an embedded, self-protecting “hive” logic that allows each cooler to constantly monitor adjacent units for faults and automatically adjusts up to full capacity to protect the space and hardware.

“Our state-of-the-art row-based cooling system has resilience of N+1 per unit and uses 42 per cent less fan power than the standard CRAC units you see in most facilities.

Customers and Volta itself can monitor intake temperatures, discharge temperatures, peak loads and fans speeds in real-time, and Volta revealed that the new cooling system means that Volta GSS can easily be scaled up in the future.

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In addition to the scalability the new cooling system brings, Volta explained that it is able to replace cooling units in minutes not hours thus reducing the chance of any kind of damage and ensuring that the optimum temperature is always maintained.

Image Credit: Volta