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Xiaomi's MIUI 6 gives Android an iOS makeover

Chinese technology firm Xiaomi is set to release the latest version of its MIUI software, which gives Google's Android operating system a revamp alongside a custom user interface.

Xiaomi's MIUI is also known for having more of an iOS style than the Android OS, with its square app icons with rounded edges and the lack of an app drawer mirroring Apple's offering.

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Now the company has launched MIUI 6, set to be released on the company's phones, tablets and other devices.

As expected, the release seems to take inspiration from iOS 7 and 8 with its use of bright colours and a largely flat design.

The user interface also includes some new core features such as the ability to identify some calls from unknown numbers, support for gestures specifically for large screen devices and a new notification shade that includes toggles for music controls and other functions.

The Notification Centre has also received an overhaul so pop-ups can alert the user of incoming content without covering the entire display. The notifications are also interactive so users can respond to the information easily.

MIUI 6 is currently only available to beta testers, but the software should launch across recently released devices such as the Mi 3 and Mi 4 smartphones across China and other Asian countries.

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Xiaomi is one of China's largest electronics companies, but the company is expected to begin targeting a global audience soon and is rumoured to be entering the US market in 2015.