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AMD and Toshiba debut new range of SSDs specially designed for high-level gamers

AMD has agreed a new partnership with Toshiba’s OCZ Storage Solutions to offer a range of lightning-quick solid-state drives [SSDs] specifically geared towards gamers.

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The AMD Radeon R7 Series SSDs come in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities offering a level of read and write speeds that have become a benchmark of the OCZ storage portfolio.

“With the new AMD Radeon R7 Series SSDs powered by outstanding OCZ Storage Solutions IP, we bring that reputation to the SSD market with a series of drives that offer an ideal combination of performance, reliability and affordability—great for gamers building or upgrading a rig,” stated Roman Kyrychynskyi, director of memory at AMD.

AMD’s new drives are the first to use Toshiba’s new A19 MLC NAND flash process with the Barefoot 3 M00 controller that gives a write endurance of 30GB per day and read/write speeds that top out at 550Mbps/530Mbps.

“By combining this proprietary technology with cost-efficient price points, we can deliver a tremendous value to gamers seeking the ultimate balance of performance and endurance for the complete gamut of their desktop and mobile gaming applications,” added Alex Mei, chief marketing officer, OCZ Storage Solutions.

Each drive has the special black anodised housing that has become a staple of the AMD Radeon brand and adds to a portfolio of products that includes AMD Radeon graphics cards, AMD FX processors, AMD Accelerated Processing Units, AMD Radeon memory, processor chipsets and more.

AMD plans to sell the Radeon R7 Series SSD 120GB at $99.99 [£60] with the two other capacity prices yet to be announced by the firm.