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Pebble siezes LG inspiration to provide Google and Apple with serious smartwatch competition

Pebble is ready to take the smartwatch fight straight to tech giants Google and Apple after announcing the appointments of two former LG executives.

Itai Vonshak and Liron Damir have been hired as head of product and user experience and head of design respectively, bringing with them the prospect of a considerably-changed look for Pebble's next generation of wearables.

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Both men are credited as being instrumental in the design of the webOS TV user interface and design whilst at LG, and were also both involved in designing webOS for HP.

This announcement comes at a time when the smartwatch industry is on the rise but still yet to gain significant traction.

Google is currently leading the way with its Android Wear operating system, whilst the rumour mill is continuously churning up news about Apple's long-awaited iWatch. Surely an announcement can't be too far away?

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Sony has also thrown its hat in the ring with reports that it plans to implement its own wearable OS in its Smartwatch 3 that is expected to be announced at the beginning of September at IFA.

Despite this competition, Pebble seems up for the challenge and, if its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign is anything to go by, could indeed become a thorn in the sides of the big boys.