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Samsung Level Box Mini wireless speaker delivers high quality sound with built-in mic to accept calls

Samsung has a new option for music fans with the addition of the Light Box Mini to its line of Level premium audio products that doubles up as a microphone when calls are received.

The new speaker is 30 per cent slimmer than its predecessor, the Light Box, and despite this it still provides the same high level of sound that is expected from Samsung’s Level products.

Inside the metallic shell there is a larger 55mm stereo speaker as well as a passive radiator delivering powerful sound that is both crisp and balanced. Connectivity comes from either the speaker’s on-board Near Field Communication [NFC] connection or Bluetooth 3.0 and both can connect to a smartphone to provide an easy way to listen to music.

It comes into its own through the built-in microphone that lets owners take calls and in this sense it has speaker phone as well as built-in buttons that allow calls to be accepted or rejected, music to be played or paused, and the volume to be adjusted.

Like all other products in the range, the Light Box Mini is compatible with the Samsung Level App that provides volume control, text-to-speech, S Voice and SoundAlive.

SoundAlive makes adjustments to sound quality on the fly by analysing the source to ensure the highest quality sound possible, and the speaker uses aptX codec so users can enjoy uninterrupted and robust streaming.

The 1,600mAh gives users 25 hours of continuous playback with charging possible through the microUSB cable that is bundled along with the speaker. It comes in blue, blue black, red and silver with pricing set to be confirmed by Samsung in due course.