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Sony scores a touchdown: San Francisco 49ers create world's most technologically advanced sports stadium

Levi's stadium, home to American Football team the San Francisco 49ers, has taken advantage of its location at the heart of Silicon Valley to become the most high-tech sports stadium in the world.

The 70,000+ capacity stadium, which officially opened at the first NFL game of the season on 17 August, has installed a range of interactive technologies with the aim of significantly enhancing the fans' experience.

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Al Guiod, the COO of the 49ers, said, "The 49ers wanted to transform the in-stadium fan experience and make it possible to see the action live but still have the similar features that a fan has at home while watching the game on TV."

So how will this be achieved? Well, for starters, 70 miles of cabling, 1,200 distributed antenna systems and 40 gigabytes of available bandwidth per second (that's 40 times more than any other US stadium, by the way) will provide Wi-Fi access to every single supporter.

Then there are also over 2,000 TVs scattered around the venue, including 70 4K TVs in the stadiums suites and two giant LED displays in each end zone, all of which have been provided by one of the main sponsors, Sony.

"Our partnership with the San Francisco 49ers and the new Levi's Stadium goes well beyond technology and products," said the president and COO of Sony Electronics, Mike Fasulo.

"This is truly a one-of-a-kind fan experience, with the world's greatest showcase of 4K technology from the best of Sony's professional and consumer products. For every event, every fan will be immersed in the pinnacle of entertainment and technology to enhance their experience."

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Personally, the cherry on the cake has to be the smartphone and tablet app. As well as giving fans access to game stats and replays, the app also contains some ingenious features including the ability to direct fans to the closest bathrooms with the shortest lines and even a food delivery service direct to your seat.

This really is a giant leap forward for sports stadiums and, given the level of pioneering tech partners that are right on its doorstep, the home of the 49ers will surely continue to get smarter. The only question is whether anyone else will be able to keep up.