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August Bank Holiday to cost UK over half a million pounds in mobile insurance claims

Smartphone users who are always dropping their handset may want to be extra careful in the following days, as it was revealed that the August Bank Holiday Monday is the busiest day of the year for mobile insurance claims.

According to data from claims made to Carphone Warehouse, the UK's largest mobile retailer, the bank holiday costs the UK more than half a million pounds, with claims totalling £580,600.

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26 year old females were the group most likely to make a claim, and 59 per cent of damage claims made on Bank Holiday Monday were by women.

In 2013, the same 24-hour period saw the most claims in a single day compared to the rest of the year. The most likely cause of the damaged handsets is over-exuberant partying, with 69 per cent of all claims linked to accidental damage and 20 per cent attributed to loss.

With damage ranging from a smashed screen to a complete write-off, the number of big events over the weekend, including Notting Hill Carnival, Manchester Pride and various music festivals, clearly take their toll on devices. Two-thirds of handsets damaged over the holiday period had to be replaced.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson said that many of the damage claims were avoidable through simple precautions like screen protectors and simply being more cautious in crowded areas.

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"Smartphones are becoming more resilient with many introducing waterproof technologies and improved screen strength. However, this doesn't make them indestructible," he said.