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Microsoft optimises OneNote for Android tablets

Microsoft produces some amazing things; the Surface Pro 3 is revolutionary and Office is a staple in productivity around the world. However, there is one service that the company provides that does not get the attention it deserves - OneNote. Yes, the software that many have installed, but few use, is actually very good. It is a wonderful way to take notes and organise your thoughts. Best of all, it is cross-platform and has a web-based version, so it can be accessed on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Chromebooks and Linux.

Sadly, Microsoft did not make an Android version optimised for tablets. This was tragic, as many people use Google-powered tablets as their daily organisers. Today however, this changes as Microsoft releases a tablet-optimised Android version of OneNote. What took so long?

"Even in the digital age, some folks still find handwriting more natural than typing. Beyond the benefits of comfort, The New York Times recently reported on research that suggests students are better able to generate ideas and retain information when they write versus type", says the OneNote Team.

They further explain, "we've made improvements for handwriting in OneNote that reflect our vision for how people can take advantage of software and the cloud, without compromising the comfort and benefits of pen and paper".


As a Surface Pro 3 owner, I can attest to the benefits of handwriting. Sure, I prefer to type when I am in a position to do so; however, in a relaxed laid-back state, handwriting can be the most comfortable. Of course, not all Android tablets have a stylus and digitiser, but a capacitive pen, while not ideal, can get the job done better than a finger. I look forward to trying this with the amazing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

If you are interested in downloading, you can get it here. Tell me how you like it in the comments.

Image Credit: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock