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New iPhone 6 pics show finished handset off

As the iPhone 6 launch date rumbles ever closer, day by day, yet more leaked images of the (purported) handset have spilled onto the internet.

These come from a source which has previously posted alleged pics of Apple's upcoming smartphone – namely Feld & Volk, the luxury iPhone modder – and were once again spotted by MacRumors.

While the previous images showed pieces of the shell, this current lot depicts the finished iPhone 6 in all its glory, and the shots do appear to be authentic. The pics show the smoothly curved edges of the frame, and lozenge-shaped volume buttons on the side, with the handset looking nice and slim (as you would expect – apparently 7mm is going to be this year's thickness level).

The pictures (assuming they are of the iPhone 6) are clearly still some kind of pre-production model that has been around the block, so to speak, as the finish around the edges is pretty scratched up, and the buttons look slightly wonky in their housing. But it all adds up to a solid picture of what to expect on 9 September, when Apple should unveil its new creation(s).

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The latest iPhone speculation includes the fact that the handset will maintain 1GB of RAM on board, the same as the 5S – as unlikely as that sounds, it is a possibility given Apple's tight control over its software and hardware, which allows for serious honing and optimisation. We've also heard about the likelihood of a sapphire display coming on board the iPhone 6 to begin with, which seems a possibility – at least for some more expensive models.

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Image Credit: Feld & Volk via MacRumors