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Prime Minister David Cameron’s BlackBerry is always ‘a few feet’ away

BlackBerry’s image as the secure brand to trust has been given a boost after David Cameron gave a very public endorsement of the firm’s handsets.

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The British Prime Minister admitted that during his summer vacation the BlackBerry is never far away and that he is more than happy to conduct sensitive government affairs using it.

“Wherever I am in the world, I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed,” Cameron told the media, according to BlackBerry. “And indeed as I have done on I think almost every holiday that I have enjoyed over the past few years, I am able to return instantly should that be necessary.”

Cameron embarks on a holiday to Polzeath in Cornwall every summer and has used his trusty BlackBerry to handle the country’s affairs whenever in the seaside town. The PM is not prepared to hand over full control to his deputy Nick Clegg, which is at odds with former PM Tony Blair who left deputy John Prescott in charge when away.

BlackBerry devices are also used by the likes of US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as all the other G7 governments and it comes from the fact that BlackBerry holds over 50 governmental certifications around the world.

Even this being the case, the Canadian company is coming under increasing pressure in the enterprise sector from a number of competitors and Apple’s tie-up with IBM to bring secure enterprise apps onto iPhones and iPads is one such challenger.

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BlackBerry, meanwhile, will continue to champion its governmental security clearance record and the company now compared to 12 months ago looks all the stronger since John Chen took over as CEO.