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University College London opens up Wi-Fi network to the general public

University College London now offers free public Wi-Fi across several of its campuses in London with halls of residence, museums and cafes all part of the new network.

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It has been created in partnership with The Cloud and covers 21 halls of residence as well as the Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL Art Museum, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Bloomsbury Theatre Café.

UCL confirmed that the service would be free and unlimited for the duration of the summer before several different plans come into effect ahead of the new term. Students in halls of residence get 15 minutes free before users have to purchase additional time to gain further access to the network and the same applies at theatres and museums though the free access lasts for 180 minutes.

“Our permanent students and staff have Wi-Fi access but it wasn’t available to temporary visitors or the general public. We knew we needed to put such a service in place,” explained Mike Turpin, Head of Network Services at UCL. “Whether that’s summer school students needing access to educational resources or visitors to our museums wanting to access a venue map – all require an internet connection and we know The Cloud has the expertise to provide a reliable service that will boost the visitor experience at UCL.”

Connecting to the network is simple and users should selected ‘The Cloud’ from the available Wi-Fi networks and register for an account that then also gives easy access to the company’s 22,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.

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“Adding to the 10 universities where we already provide WiFi, such as the University of Aberdeen and the University of Bath, this latest announcement with UCL further extends our commitment to becoming the industry leader in provision of public WiFi in educational establishments across the UK,” stated Roger Matthews, commercial director at The Cloud.

Image Credit: Flickr (Steve Cadman)