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Bedford is the most generous town in the UK, according to JustGiving

So, which is the most generous town when it comes to donations in the UK? According to online charity donation platform JustGiving, it's Bedford.

The good folks of Bedford have pledged £1,145,970 to charitable causes on the donation site, with that money coming from 41,631 people with a Bedford postcode. The charity crunches its "most generous" numbers based on the amount given, also taking into account the number of donators relative to a place's population.

Bedford has a population of 79,150 in total, so over half the folks living there gave money via JustGiving – a pretty impressive statistic, and the only place to achieve over half in terms of population.

The MP for Bedford & Kempston, Richard Fuller, told the BBC he was "thrilled but not surprised", and that: "It's great to see that sense of personal responsibility to not just look after yourself but to look after others."

Other larger towns raised more money, but weren't as generous proportionately.

Cambridge came in second place with £1,440,630 from 48,295 givers (population 126,480), with Reading in third totalling £1,711,570 from 58,235 folks (population 159,247).

The most money in the top ten towns and cities came from Aberdeen in sixth place with £1,872,610 from 58,307 donators (population 220,420).

Of course, bear in mind that this is just donations via JustGiving, so it doesn't take into account any other charity donations other than the site's own takings.

JustGiving was first launched back in 2001, and has since raised some £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and good causes.

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