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Burglars take selfie that turns up in victim’s cloud account

We’ve had presidential selfies and Oscar’s selfie so it’s about time that home intruders got in on the act, right?

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That’s what law enforcement authorities in Los Angeles are claiming after detectives released pictures of a man and woman that reportedly uploaded a selfie to the cloud account linked to a stolen tablet or smartphone.

"Did they buy stolen property? I don't know. Or are they the residential burglary suspects?" stated deputy Los Angeles County sheriff Joshua Dubin, according to Yahoo. "There needs to be an explanation as to why their selfies are showing up on this person's cloud account."

The image of the pair appeared in the online account of the homeowner after her home was robbed and the sheriff’s department revealed that either a smartphone or tablet was stolen alongside an amount of cash after they broke in through a window.

The break-in took place on 30 July in the Santa Clarita suburb of Los Angeles and the victim doesn’t known the pair, who the investigators want to speak to as “persons of interest”.

“She said ‘I don’t know who these people are,’” Dubin told KTLA-TV, when talking about the woman’s reaction when she discovered the image on her online storage account.

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It’s unclear whether the pictures are of the intruders or an innocent third party and to that end KLTA claims that a woman contacted it claiming they she was in the photo and had bought the device from someone else.