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Evermind lets users monitor sick relatives remotely

An entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee has developed a product that allows concerned loved ones to monitor ill family members from afar.

Evermind was launched by Dave Gilbert and aims to reassure relatives when they are unable to personally visit elderly or sick members of their family.

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The device consists of a smart system and monitoring sensors that enable users to "check-in" on vulnerable relatives remotely. The idea being, that the user can stop worrying unnecessarily about a loved one and only intervene when needed.

The system works by placing sensors into appliances that a relative uses frequently, such as the central heating or the kettle, and whenever that device is turned on, the Evermind user is alerted via text message.

Evermind currently costs $199, with the monitoring system priced at an additional $29 a month. Users can also access an online account from a computer, tablet or smartphone to gain more detailed insight into trends relating to long-term well-being.

The device is currently only available in the United States, and there is no word as to whether it will receive a UK release.

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According to the company's website, the product has already seen a positive response, with many users praising the peace of mind it offers them when unable to visit family in person.