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Flappy Bird sequel Swing Copters breaks UK iOS top 50 in just 7 hours

Flappy Bird’s new cousin, Swing Copters, has started to storm the European app charts just hours after it was released.

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Swing Copters, which is Dong Nguyen’s new baby, took only seven hours to crack the UK iOS App Store top 50 for games and currently sits in 45th place, according to the latest data from App Annie.

Elsewhere in Europe it’s a similar story where the Netherlands, Russia and Spain have taken to it more than most as it ranks second, fourth and seventh respectively in the iOS App Store games category.

It serves as a warning to the current top five games on iOS in the UK, which are Circle The Dot, Block!, Amazing Brick, Crazy Taxi City Rush, and Cupcake Mania. As word spreads about the new Swing Copters game it’s almost a nailed-on certainty that it will challenge the top five and if it enjoys anything close to the success of Flappy Bird it will be an achievement in itself.

Swing Copters takes many of its cues from Flappy Bird with a similarly taxing and annoying nature that will have many users attempting not to smash up their smartphone in frustration. Players again have to tap the screen to get the small helicopter to move, though this time it moves vertically instead of horizontally.

Flappy Bird topped the overall download charts for iPhone apps in 126 countries and the equivalent for the iPad in 119 territories and it was a similar story on Google Play where it hit top spot in 33 different countries.

Nguyen then famously removed the app from both stores on 9 February and even though this was the case, it still managed to maintain the top spot globally for the whole month.

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If you’re brave enough to unleash it on your device, it’s available to download for free on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.