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Mobile app of the day: MediaFire

I don't know about you, but I like to have access to lots of my stuff while I am out and about. Sometimes that means carrying my old faithful 160GB iPod Classic, and sometimes it means pulling files down from different cloud services. MediaFire is a cloud service that offers you up to 50GB of free space for the storage of, well, anything you want.

MediaFire is about more than just getting access to your documents, pics and music when you are out and about, though. There's a sharing and collaborative element here. You can share folders and files with other people via email, SMS, Facebook, Google or Twitter. And of course you can control other people's editing rights.

MediaFire says it has over 37 million active users – so if you have not heard about it yet, plenty of others have. There are two charged-for options for those who need a bit more from the service with the most expensive offering up to 100TB of storage. But the free 50GB is good enough for me.

Click here to download MediaFire for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: MediaFire

OS: iOS, Android

Price: Free