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Rumour: Apple packing iPhone 6 with huge 128GB internal flash memory

Apple is ready to go even bigger on its upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone after a new leak reported that it wants to bring its customers the option to have 128GB of onboard memory.

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A schematic that was posted on GeekBar’s Weibo account and obtained by 9to5Mac shows an iPhone 6 model complete with 128GB of NAND flash storage that brings it in line with the iPad Air in the memory department.

Another image lists various different iPhone 6 options available and that Toshiba is providing the 128GB memory whereas Hynix and SanDisk will be supply the storage on the smaller 16GB and 64GB models.

Most of the chat surrounding the expected launch of Apple’s new handset next month centres on whether or not it will release two different screen sizes with a larger 5.5in screen to supplement the standard 4.7in display.

9to5Mac has noted before that Apple could choose to offer certain premium features with the larger 5.5in version and at the same time it speculated that a larger storage size was on the list of possible upgrades.

Rumours on the make up of the device have been eking out for several months now and the picture of what the next iPhone 6 will look like when it eventually goes on sale in the middle of October has become clearer by the week.

This includes a screen made from a mix of sapphire glass and traditional glass, a reversible USB-to-lightning port and a new A8 chip to builds on the A7 64-bit chip that made its debut on the iPhone 5S.

All eyes are now on a launch event that Apple is rumoured to have pencilled in for 9 September when the size of Apple’s ambitions for the iPhone 6 will finally be revealed.