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Today’s tech: Vulnerability in Google Play apps, Copyright holders hate piracy, graduates pay for a job in a startup

I'm looking for the Man-In-The-Middle

Large number of Play Store apps vulnerable to Man-In-The-Middle attacks

According to FireEye Mobile Security, 68 per cent of the 1000 most-downloaded free apps are susceptible to Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks. A MITM works by the app allowing a hacker to intercept data exchanged between the Android device and a remote server, granting the hacker access to information such as; usernames, passwords, photos and device IDs.

Using the MITM method a hacker could also inject malware into the app or hold the user's data for ransom by using a denial of service attack.

It's fun to ask for a DMCA

Google asked to remove over 1 million search results a day, as online piracy war continues

Google now processes over one million removal requests a day from copyright holders attempting to make it harder for pirates to find copyrighted material. Last week Google received 7.8 million removal requests, an all time record and a 10 per cent raise from last week.

On average Google removes a result every eight milliseconds, and due to the volume of requests received Google can't manually review all the cases, resulting in some sites with no infringing material being deleted.

Graduates with £3000 in the bank can bag a startup job

Job hungry graduate with a spare £3000? Bag yourself a job in a startup

Graduates can now sign up for a "career accelerator" to help secure work in startups or in early-stage tech companies. The eight week course, from Startup Institute, has instructors from Yelp, Twitter and citysocializer, who teach the students the ins and outs of technical marketing, web development, product development, design and sales.

The catch? The course costs £3000, but allegedly nine out of 10 students find a job within three months. Swings and roundabouts.