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Intel wants to create a completely wireless office with new dock and charger

Intel has provided more details on a couple of new innovations it is developing to make the desktop computing experience a completely wireless one.

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Among the products it plans to release are a smart wireless dock that brings USB 3.0 speeds as well as HD video capabilities to the table and a wireless laptop charger similar to those offered by smartphone manufacturers.

“We’re living in an age of ubiquitous wireless connectivity. With improvements to cellular technology, global navigation systems, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, we’re able to work smarter and communicate faster. The next logical step in the progression of wireless technology is to further untangle users and completely change the computing landscape,” stated David Angell from Intel in a blog post.

Intel plans to release a smart wireless dock that offers USB 3.0 speeds and HD video capabilities in order to make it easier to work in all areas of an office and not worry about lacking the correct connection on the machine in question.

“For example, when you walk in the office with your laptop, it will automatically link with your wireless-enabled monitor or projector to deliver an HD streaming experience without the hassle of plugging into your HDMI or DisplayPort,” Angell added.

Chargers is the other area in which Intel wants to trigger a revolution and to that end it is developing hardware that allows laptops and other devices to charge wirelessly through magnetic resonance.

Intel’s wireless ambitions have accelerated since it signed an agreement with WiTricity back in June that could one day pave the way for a universal wireless charger that is able to charge up a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other device.

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Even if it only manages to successfully implement one of the two products it is almost certain that the reduction in clutter will persuade companies to adopt the solution.