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Mobile app of the day: GoCarShare

The car sharing thing is a very clever idea. I've done it myself to help cut costs – and make prospectively long, dull journeys that bit more interesting. Admittedly, though, I've only done it with friends. GoCarShare opens up a whole new vista – one where you can car share with people you have never met before.

So, if you are headed off somewhere by car and will have empty seats you can save money by finding a travel companion willing to contribute to costs. On the other hand if you need to make a particular journey, then you might find the cheapest way to do it is via GoCarShare.

We have to get past the elephant in the room when discussing car sharing. If you are going to find or give rides through GoCarShare do take care. Sure, you can meet nice people, maybe even make longer-term friends – just be smart about it. The app helps in this respect by being linked with Facebook. That means drivers can check out prospective sharers before accepting them. And you can leave feedback after a trip is complete too, for other people to check.

Click here to download GoCarShare for iOS.

Product: GoCarShare


Price: Free