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Windows 10 will be unveiled at the end of September

Are you ready to see what Windows 9 is all about? Well, we've already seen a fair bit of where Microsoft is going with the next incarnation of its desktop OS courtesy of the usual leaks, but the official unveiling will of course reveal plenty more, and that will happen next month.

This is according to sources close to Redmond who spoke to the Verge (a normally reliable outlet), and apparently the Windows 9 launch event is currently pencilled in for 30 September.

Note that it's pencilled rather than anything like confirmed, so use your HB and keep your rubber handy if you do stick this one in your diary (if you still use a paper-based one, of course). This is also the date when Microsoft is planning to release a developer preview of the new desktop OS, or shortly thereafter – and that ties in with previous rumours on the dev version.

Note that the OS may not be christened Windows 9 at the event – it's currently named Threshold – but it will be shown off, with Redmond planning on giving an overview of all the key features. Many of which are damage control for those refusing to adopt Windows 8, of course; for instance, a proper old-school Start menu as was loved and lost by many, and ditching the Charms bar (the sidebar that pops up on the right of the screen with shortcuts to the likes of search and share – no, we never use it, either).

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We may also see the ability to run modern (new-style) apps in a windowed environment, and Microsoft is apparently planning to bring Cortana (the voice assistant with Windows Phone) into Windows, as we heard earlier this month. Although it may be a fairly limited version of Cortana rather than any sort of full-on integration.

The good news is that we only have just over a month to wait to find out exactly what will be bundled in the next version of Windows.