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Windows Phone PayPal app gets a much-needed update

Official Windows Phone apps are steadily growing in numbers and quality, as more and more developers support the platform and improve their existing offerings. PayPal is the latest top title to get a much-needed revamp.

Based on my experience, PayPal for Windows Phone was in dire need of a major upgrade, as it failed to provide the same features that Android and iOS users get. Fortunately, according to PayPal, much has changed with the latest version, suggesting that the subpar experience is a thing of the past now.

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It is a bold claim. PayPal's Joel Yarbrough says that "you will now have the same seamless PayPal experience when using your Windows Phone to shop and pay as you do on Android and iOS platforms". So, what is new?

As far as the big changes go, Windows Phone users can now make in-store payments, at merchants which use PayPal Here, and order ahead using the latest version of PayPal. But the app also allows users to more easily locate and redeem offers, beefs up security, fixes bugs, and improves messaging for those who use PayPal Security Key.

These changes, says PayPal, allow users to check-in to pay, and, at participating restaurants, pay at the table using a Windows Phone. This will save users some time and make using a Windows Phone and PayPal on the platform much more enjoyable.

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PayPal is available to download from Windows Phone Store.