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ITProPortal's Ice Bucket Challenge for MacMillan Cancer Support (video)




Credit to Nathan, he immediately and graciously accepted the honour of getting a bucket of freezing liquid dumped over his head.

The most comforting part of the challenge, for the rest of us, was the knowledge that the office refrigerator's ice dispenser could easily cope with filling a 10l bucket (bin) with ice and chilled water.

The weather on the big day was also incredibly kind to young Nathan; a cooling wind somehow appeared in the middle of August to break up the humdrum of pleasant warmth we've been having this summer. Suffice to say, he wasn't too pleased with this development.

As is expected when undertaking the challenge, ITProPortal was given the opportunity to nominate three others to take the plunge. Nathan wisely (ahem, he had no choice) picked former ITProPortal staff members Désiré Athow and James Laird, as well as CEO Andy Evans.

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The challenge was done to raise awareness and money for Macmillan Cancer Support, which is doing tremendous work to help those suffering from an illness that continues to rip families and lives apart every day.

Please give generously, via the link above.