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iPhone 6 leak points once again to protruding rear camera lens

Another iPhone 6 leak has popped up, and this time it's leaked schematics showing the dimensions of the device (and its phablet partner), and also reinforcing a previous rumour we've heard regarding the rear camera having a protruding ring.

So what size will the iPhone models be? According to the French website (via MacRumors), the standard 4.7in version of the iPhone 6 will be 138mm in length, by 66mm wide, and a trim 6.9m thick (again, in line with earlier speculation that the handset would come in at less than 7mm). In comparison, the iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick (and hardly a hefty thing at that) and 58.6mm wide, so the new iPhone won't be too much wider.

As for the phablet version, that will be 158mm long by 78mm wide – so it will be considerably wider, but that's hardly surprising given the screen is being upped to 5.5in. It will be slightly thicker than the 4.7in version at 7.1mm, but in practice you're not going to be able to tell the difference. The phablet will weigh 185 grams, but the weight of the 4.7in iPhone wasn't mentioned.

That svelteness may be marred slightly by the fact that, as we mentioned, both models will apparently have a protruding rear camera ring. As we've said before when this rumour popped up, it seems odd not to have the camera lens flush to the body as is normally the case, for a sleek appearance – presumably there's a reason for this, but what that might be isn't clear at this stage.

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The ring will fatten the iPhone 6 by 0.77 mm, and the phablet by 0.67 to 0.77mm, if the schematics are correct of course.

The leak also confirms the fancy embedded Apple logo on the rear (supposedly fashioned from some sort of slick scratch-proof metal).

It's the sticky-out lens that's causing the most ruckus, of course, as many folks aren't keen on the idea, and it does seem to be at odds with the general iDevice philosophy of super-thin sleekness and the "Air" theme. Maybe we can expect something special from the camera this time around, though, that makes the compromise worthwhile...

We'll find out soon enough – 9 September is the alleged launch date for the new iPhone – though there have been recent whispers of delays due to issues with display. While that could affect initial supplies of the iPhone 6, it's unlikely to push the actual unveiling back.

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Other recent rumours include the fact that a 128GB model of the iPhone 6 might be produced, and that more expensive versions of the device may include sapphire displays (there are a lot of different strands of speculation concerning sapphire, though).

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