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LG releases world’s first 4K OLED TV for a whopping £7,095

LG’s first OLED 4K Ultra-HD televisions are on the way after the company combined the two technologies to make the first curved-TV to feature the new level of resolution.

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The sets, which go on sale in September, will be the first such devices to reach retail stores and cost an eye-watering 12 million won [£7,095] to any consumer that wants to take advantage of the revolutionary technology on board.

“OLED TVs are expected to overtake LCD in sales within a few years and no company is better prepared for this than LG. OLED’s benefits are obvious. There’s no deterioration in picture quality and issues such as image blurring, distortion and colour leakage in curved LED units are simply non-existent on curved OLED TVs. 4K OLED TV represents superb value for the consumer in terms of colour reproduction, contrast ratio, detail and viewing angles,” stated Hyun-hwoi Ha, president of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

LG’s new TV sets come in 65in and 77in sizes and use LG Display’s four-colour pixel WRGB technology that is supplemented by 33 million sub-pixels that work to attempt to produce an experience that is unlike anything experienced before.

Both Sony and Panasonic have already shown off 4K OLED screens, at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, though neither decided to put them into production and analysts are rounding on LG’s decision as one that doesn’t make sense due to a lack of content available.

"There's a lack of a compelling reason for you to go out to buy one tomorrow,” Chris Green, technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group told the BBC. "And in most of the world the broadband isn't there to deliver a 4K stream to many people's TVs.

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Pre-orders get underway in Korea this week with North America and Europe able to start pre-ordering the two sets from next month plus LG is showing them off at IFA 2014 in Berlin.