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LG teases round-faced G Watch R less than three months after G Watch release

LG plans to release a round-faced smartwatch at the upcoming IFA 2014 show in Berlin next month after a teaser video appeared online for the first time.

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The 31-second clip teases the LG G Watch R and shows the device’s distinctive round display as well as a number of the watch-faces that owners of the smartwatch can benefit from.

It is the follow-up to the square G Watch and in addition to its rounded appearance the new watch differs in that it has a button on the side that was absent from LG’s first trip into the smartwatch sector.

LG’s teaser video also shows that the device has a step counter built-in as one of the dials on the clock face, a compass and a meter that calculates some kind of distance before the video finishes with a reminder that it will be revealed at IFA 2014.

The new smartwatch comes less than three months since it launched the original G Watch and as such many of the features are likely to be similar due to them being developed side-by-side.

LG runs its smartwatches on Google’s Android Wear OS alongside a number of other manufacturers including Motorola and Samsung with the former ready to release the Moto 360 at IFA 2014 and there’s every chance that LG’s new watch will take some of the shine off Motorola’s launch.

Those two aren’t the only ones on the verge of releasing a wearable device with ASUS readying one for IFA 2014 as well as HTC, Samsung and possibly even Apple unveiling a smartwatch in the coming months.

All these firms releasing devices are banking on the market realising its potential of 64 million device shipments by 2017 and Apple’s eventual entry could do a lot to steer the market in a certain direction.