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Alleged iPhone 6 press shot turns out to be concept art

Yet another pic of Apple's upcoming smartphone was thought to have been leaked, and the shot didn't seem to be some sort of amateur looking snap, or a pre-production version with buttons that look wobbly in their housing.

In fact it looked like an official press photo, but the truth of the matter is that the latest spilled pic is actually a piece of concept art – albeit a very smart looking piece of work.

The photo was apparently posted by major network China Telecom on Weibo, although it was swiftly yanked down – you can see it above.

It's simply titled "iPhone 6", with the words "Even better" underneath. However, it does show the rounded edges the handset is expected to have (which have been shown in other leaks), and looks like a slick offering in general.

But despite what some media outlets have reported, this isn't leaked marketing material which has come out two weeks ahead of the launch – rather, as C-Net readers noted, it's concept art.

One thing the image doesn't show is the alleged protruding rear camera ring which was the subject of the latest iPhone 6 leak – a feature that isn't entirely welcome, and seems rather at odds with what will (allegedly) be the thinnest ever iPhone. Other recent speculation highlights concerns about whether the phone might be delayed due to issues with display production – but the launch shouldn't be held up, even if shipping quantities are interfered with.

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Image Credit: Weibo (The Independent)