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BlackBerry hoping new Blend software will boost its smartphone comeback

BlackBerry has an as-yet-unannounced piece of software ready to launch alongside The Passport, its new smartphone offering expected to be released in September.

BlackBerry Blend is believed to be part of the upcoming 10.3 BB10 release, and allows users to cast messaging and Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM) onto a local screen, such as a desktop or tablet, by using the handset as a secure communications gateway.

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The firm is hoping the software appeals to consumers as well as enterprise customers, and also appears to double as a replacement for media transfer, which can be a bit of a struggle when using the current BlackBerry Link suite.

The only glimpses of the software so far have been pretty fleeting, so little is known about the exact mechanics of Blend. The software could pull information from the mobile device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or use the Internet, and the higher bandwidth it provides.

Although the technology required for BlackBerry's latest release has been around since the 1990s, there has been little interest in this area, aside from Nokia's Suite, which allowed users to read and send SMS messages.

The firm will be hoping that the software provides consumers with a unique reason to purchase its new Passport handset, particularly as the company continues to lose ground in the smartphone market.

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BlackBerry has been pretty careful not to let information leak regarding its new Blend software. However, if it does launch, as expected, next month, users won't have long to wait to find out the product's ins and outs.