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Daily Tech deal: Brand new Kindle Paperwhite for £99

Tesco is selling the ever-popular Kindle Paperwhite eReader for just £99.00, which knocks £10 off its normal £109.99 price tag.

The Kindle Paperwhite was released in 2013 and has maintained its top spot in the eBook market ever since. With a 6in screen and high-resolution display, it offers built-in light technology which means you can read whatever the lighting conditions.

When we reviewed the Kindle Paperwhite last year it scored an impressive 4 and a half stars, plus an official ITProPortal Best Buy award to boot.

We were particularly impressed by its speed and smooth interface. The Paperwhite's new, super-fast processor ensures almost instantaneous page turning and speedy book loading.

It's also packed with nifty features like "Vocabulary Builder," where you can save words you don't understand in text to a sort of scrap book built into the kindle. Once mastered, the Kindle will test you on what you learned in a "flash card" style test.

For the full deal and more information, check out the product page on Tesco here.

As always, we strongly advise that you read our standard daily deals disclaimer should you have a purchase intent. These deals are not sponsored but are instead chosen solely because they represent, in our humble opinion, a cracking bargain.