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Google brings Docs, Slides and Sheets update to iOS

Google has today announced iPhone and iPad compatibility for its Docs, Sheets and Slides applications.

The search engine giant has promised that users no longer need to worry about making last minute edits to their presentations or adding items to their shopping list, as the update allows them to "work with any file, on any device, any time."

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The firm announced the launch of the Slides app for iOS today via a blog post, alongside updates to its Docs and Sheets apps.

The enhancements mean that users can access their files across iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktops and any change across these devices is automatically saved, so users can resume work when they're next able to sign in.

All three apps also come with built-in offline editing available. Users just have to make their files available offline and any changes made will be automatically synced when they're next online.

Those of you who prefer working with Office apps are also covered, as the update allows you to convert to Docs, Sheets or Slides files easily, and lets you edit Office files directly.

Being able to work on the move is an increasingly large part of many jobs, with other companies offering similar cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft's Office 365.

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Google's enhancements will no doubt be a welcome addition for iPhone and iPad users not wanting to get left behind by updates to the Android applications.