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Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm faces EU antitrust probe

Qualcomm may soon be facing an EU antitrust probe based on a four year old complaint courtesy of its rival, Nvidia.

According to Reuters who cited "sources familiar with the matter," one of Nvidia's acquisitions has a long-standing grievance with Qualcomm.

British smartphone chipmaker Icera was acquired by Nvidia in 2011, but in June 2010 the company contacted the European Commission with accusations that Qualcomm had engaged in anti-competitive behaviour.

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""The Commission may open a case after the summer," one of Reutuer's sources reported. They refused to be named because of the "sensitivity of the matter."

The possibility of a probe from the European Union's antitrust regulators could have come at a better time. Qualcomm is currently trying to fend off another investigation from China's pricing regulator, this time over its monopoly practices.

Back in 2010 the EU competition authority withdrew a four-year probe into the US chipmaker. The Swedish mobile telecom manufacturer Ericsson and Qualcomm's US rival Texas Instruments had both withdrawn their complaints.

Time will tell whether Qualcomm will be so lucky this time around.