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Has Amazon's Fire Phone sold less than 35,000 units?

Amazon's Fire Phone may have sold less than 35,000 units, according to recent estimates.

Despite being launched to much fanfare in July, the $200 handset appears to have struggled to gain much market share.

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Amazon never officially reveals sales figures, so calculating the exact number of Fire Phones sold does require some guess work. Using data from Chitika, which runs an ad network, we can estimate the number of handsets in use.

Looking at this data for the first 20 days following the Fire's release, the new product accounted for 0.015 per cent of activity. Based on Comscore estimates, which suggest there are 177 million smartphones in the US, that would mean there were 26,550 Fire Phones in use during that period.

Even if Amazon's new handset under-indexes against the Chitika data, as Android phones usually do, it would still only take the number of Fire Phones in use up to approximately 33,000.

Although many caveats apply, even accounting for margins of error, it is unlikely that Amazon sold more than 35,000 phones in the first 20 days after launch.

While the firm is likely to be disappointed by the figures, CEO Jeff Bezos has stated that Amazon is in the mobile market for the long run and intends to be patient.

Chitika told The Guardian that "While Amazon certainly is looking to make the Fire Phone a hit, current conditions show this being more realistic as a long-term goal rather than a short term one."

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Many observers felt that the company needed to enter the e-commerce market through smartphones, as more and more shopping becomes app-based. So, despite the low sales estimate, it is unlikely that Amazon will be giving up on the Fire Phone any time soon.