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iPhone 6 launch date is ‘confirmed’ by latest leaked image… or is it?

We know that Apple has a big media event planned for 9 September, and everybody's pretty sure that this shindig will be the launch of the new iPhone 6 models. A new leaked photo might have confirmed this fact – though there are doubts as to its authenticity.

The snap comes from (via the Telegraph), a site with a solid reputation when it comes to Apple leakage, and it is apparently a piece of promo artwork (a box insert) which depicts the iPhone 6, and the date Tuesday 9 September is clearly visible printed on the screen (check out the image above).

Apparently this comes from the editor's most trusted sources in China, who provided a similar bona fide image previous to the launch of the iPhone 5S this time last year.

As you can see, the image also labels the buttons and ports of the iPhone 6, though there's nothing unexpected here – the volume buttons are clearly a different shape to the current design, though.

However, many folks are calling fake on this one, not least MacRumors, which notes that the font used isn't correct (Myriad Pro Regular is used, as opposed to Myriad Pro Light). And the site also observes that the card is unlikely to depict the launch date on the screen (the iPhone 5S didn't; rather, the date referred to the launch of the then-current version of iOS).

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And of course, this would be an easy enough image to fake. is certainly insistent on the source being reliable, though; let us know your opinions below. At any rate, we can be almost certain that 9 September will be the launch date, one way or another.

This isn't the only misstep we've seen this week on the iPhone 6 front, as yesterday we reported on an alleged press shot of Apple's handset which was actually concept art.

One leak we hope is incorrect is the protruding rear camera lens, whereby the lens apparently isn't flush to the iPhone body, and sticks out around 0.7mm, which we imagine will rather mar the sleekness of the device.

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