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Mobile app of the day: Unclouded

If you are a Dropbox or Google Drive user who relies on the free space that they provide, then you might find that space gets tight at times. Ideally you want to be managing your storage before space starts to run out, but doing this can be more than a little painful if you rely on simply scanning folders and files with your eyes. Using Unclouded is a much better approach.

Unclouded analyses your Dropbox and Drive accounts and you can use the information it provides to get pointers on how to clean up these online storage lockers and create space. The app shows what types of file are using the most space – maybe it is videos or images for example. You might even have one super-large video or photo album you uploaded ages ago and forgot to remove!

Unclouded will also find duplicate files and show you how long ago files were last modified. Maybe you can make space by deleting the really old files. You can delete files directly from within Unclouded, and use the app to browse your cloud storage and search for specific files too, downloading them and opening them directly from within the app.

Click here to download Unclouded for Android.

Product: Unclouded

OS: Android

Price: Free