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Pebble Smartwatch, Intel and Michael J Fox wage war against Parkinson's disease

You're likely familiar with actor Michael J. Fox, star of the Back to the Future movies, that we, of a certain age, all remember. Now the actor suffers from Parkinson's Disease, a mality his foundation wishes to draw awareness to, perhaps even help with finding a cure.

Now wearable technology is getting in on the action. Intel has teamed up with the charity in an effort to utilise such items as the Pebble Watch to help in the fight. While a number of people are skeptical about this path that technology is now heading down, this certainly makes for a good use that few would likely argue against.

"By harnessing the power of data science, wearable technologies like smartwatches, and cloud computing, researchers can explore individual patients’ experience with the disease -- looking for patterns and insights that were unavailable to them before -- and hopefully lead to improved treatments", Pebble announces.

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At the moment, patients in phase one of the Parkinson's study are being given Pebble watches which are paired with a smartphone.

"The setup monitored daily movements and securely uploaded data to the cloud, letting researchers seamlessly keep tabs on multiple patients without disrupting their schedules", Pebble explains.

The smartwatch maker is excited to see its technology being utilised in medical research and perhaps ultimately helping to bring a change. You can check out the video posted below that the company released.