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Amazon Prime 4K streaming coming to Samsung TVs this October?

It looks like Amazon content will be streaming in 4K from this October, following information leaked by Samsung.

The South Korean technology giant released a statement announcing that its 4K UHD TV range would be able to support Amazon Prime's Instant Video UHD streaming service. The line of TVs in question is due to launch in October, so it is likely that Amazon's 4K stream will be up and running by then.

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The marketing director of Amazon Prime Instant Video, Russell Morris, recently revealed that the company would be streaming in 4K before the end of the year, reinforcing the Samsung leak.

Following the example of Netflix, Amazon has begun creating its own content, filming its in-house series, Extant, and planning another two releases for next year. It is expected that Amazon's original content will be shot in 4K for subsequent release in UHD.

Ultra High Definition 4K footage is becoming more commonplace, as the majority of TV shows and movies are now recorded at that level.

However, distributing this content is often a more challenging task, requiring expensive infrastructural changes. Online streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, are now entering into agreements with TV manufacturers in order to promote their content and boost sales of UHD television sets.

While 4K sets have been available for a few years now, there has previously been a dearth of content available, meaning that the hardware offered little value to consumers However with more streaming services offering UHD content, this could be set to change.

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An official statement on Amazon's 4K streaming launch is expected during next week's IFA tradeshow in Berlin.