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Apple will launch iWatch alongside iPhone 6 on 9 September

Apple is going to unveil its much talked about smartwatch alongside the iPhone 6 in under a fortnight.

Yes, this is quite a surprise, and we thought we'd have heard more about a potential iWatch launch before it was just around the corner – but apparently Apple has only just changed its mind, and switched away from an October reveal for the piece of wristwear, according to Re/code.

So come 9 September, we will see both the 4.7in and 5.5in phablet iPhones, and the "just one more thing" will be the iWatch (or whatever it ends up being called, of course; iTime is another name which has been mentioned in the past).

Re/code also notes that the smartwatch will use Apple's new HealthKit platform, although the gadget having a fitness slant is no surprise – though it will also employ HomeKit in some manner. That's Apple's smart home system, so could potentially mean the watch will be used to control the temperature of your central heating, light switches and so forth (providing you have the compatible hardware installed, naturally).

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There's no two ways about it, though – the 9 September event is going to be a massive launch for Apple with all these devices lurking behind the curtain.

As to when we might see the smartwatch (which is expected to carry a sapphire display) hit shelves, the last we heard was that the device would begin mass production in November, so we could be looking at a pre-Christmas launch. That would seem a sensible target in terms of selling gadgets at Xmas, and also makes sense given that they've brought the iWatch reveal forward.

Please note: The above image is a concept drawing only. No official press shots of the iWatch have yet been released.