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Dropbox boosts Pro features with tighter security and more storage

Dropbox has announced a series of enhanced features for its Pro users, including increased storage and tighter security options.

The changes will be available for new pro users from today, with existing customers set to receive them over the next few days.

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The new pro service will offer customers increased storage of 1TB. Previously, customers could opt for 100GB, 200GB and 500GB of space for £7.99, £15.99 or £39.99 per month respectively. However, Dropbox Pro customers will now receive 1TB of storage for a £7.99 monthly fee.

Alongside the reduced charges, users will also benefit from enhanced security features, including the option to add password-access and expiration dates to shared links. Users can also create "Edit" or "View Only" permissions for those accessing their files.

For anyone who syncs their Dropbox storage with specific folders on other devices, Pro customers can now remotely delete these folders. If a device is stolen, users can wipe the shared information by "unlinking" their storage through their Dropbox account.

Head of product at the firm, ChenLi Wang, praised the enhanced service as ideal for "educators, designers, marketers [and] consultants" as well as "the millions out there" who wanted "powerful sharing."

"Others offer the base, but really nobody has the same breadth of features and functionality as Dropbox Pro," he added. "We're enabling anyone who creates, edits and shares to have the more powerful Pro with the new set of features."

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The new features were announced via the Dropbox blog in order to simplify the different levels of service on offer to Pro customers.